Random photo snapshot Capture

Mandate the capture of random photo snapshots during the online assessment as a part of authentication mechanism. Such photo snapshots will be used to validate the bonafide identity of candidate. This mechanism also act as a deterrent to any malpractice during the online assessment by candidate.

Remote Proctoring Console

Cloud based secure online proctoring enables the test administrator to proctor the candidates remotely through a console. Build to protect the test integrity, in case of any violation the test administrator can notify/warn the candidates or terminate the test session.

Track browser movement

Platform keeps track of browser movement and warns the candidate from navigating away from the assessment window.

Private test link (Test by invitation only)

Use private link to share the online assessment link with candidates wherein the candidate need not register or login.

IP Blocking

IP address blocking prevents unsolicited or unwarranted candidates from accessing published assessment.

Attendance management

Captures personal identification details and a snapshot of a candidate before the commencement of online assessment.

Secure One Time Test Code

Without test code candidate(s) will not be able to access the assessment. Test code is auto-generated alphanumeric code.

Randomisation of Questions & Options

Questions & answers can be shuffled to prevent any cheating due to knowledge of questions & options.

Reset test

The Test administrator in the event of any anomaly or deviation or disruption can reset the assessment in initial state.

Back-end activation/de-activation

The Test administrator in the event of any situation that can warrant him to deactivate/activate test link can do so at the back end.

Resume test (in case of power failure/Internet dis-connectivity)

In case of power failure or internet dis-connectivity, online test sessions can be resumed or the test can be re-set to start afresh.

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