Create and Publish JD

Creating & publishing JD made Simple & Easy, in JUST FEW CLICKS Upload JD or Create JD or Simply link the JD & Publish

Invite candidates

Invite candidates to take the online assessment through a private link. With private link the candidate(s) need not register or login.

Make all questions mandatory

Make answering the questions mandatory to ensure that candidates must answer every question. If candidate doesn't answer any question, he/she will not be able to submit the assessment.

Negative Marking

Avoid candidates yielding inflated scores by guesswork and look for reliable scores by opting for negative marking. Configure negative marking with desired penalty for incorrect answer.

Mark for review

Mark for review is a feature which can be used by candidate while taking an assessment. This feature allows candidates to mark a question which he/she would like to revisit during the assessment. The feature is a convenient way for candidate to remind to revisit the question.

Sequencing of questions

Arrange the questions in a sequence. If candidate doesn't answer a question, he/she will not be able to advance to the next question until question is answered.

Move Forward Only

Move Forward Only feature ensures that candidate can only move forward while answering the question. Candidate is not allowed to revisit the questions attempted by him/her.

Upload Questions

Upload Questions feature to upload and use own questions to create assessments.

Multilingual Assessments

Create and conduct multilingual Assessments. Multilingual questions and option display.

Manage Shortlist

Manage the hiring process through dashboard with candidate details, assessment scores and interview feedback

Robust concurrency

The platform is built with robust concurrency measures to support sizeable number of users taking the online assessment at a time besides eliminating any latency or delay in rendering the online assessments.

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