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With rapid evolution and growth of industries with 21st century workforce needs to be relevant with latest skills and knowledge. The retention, managing attrition and engaging a demanding & versatile workforce remains key challenge for Talent Management team. Hence Learning and Development team of an organisation is constantly involved training need identification, training delivery and impact measurement of training delivered.

iPublish platform (integrated with assessments through iHiring platform) offers amazing interface to conduct online training and evaluation with ease and effectiveness.

iHiring platform is completely secure mechanism to conduct un-proctored assessments with few clicks-

Step 1

Create and publish your own course content in any format with integrated assessments.

Step 2

Share the course link and course access code to selected list of employees

Step 3

Online evaluation of training with integrated assessments (Diagnostic as well as Certification)

Step 4

Monitor performance and progress of the employees undergoing training

To secure the test

Use private links to provide test access to candidates (with auto login)
Centrally monitor the candidates with remote video proctoring console
Use ‘Browser tracking’ feature to identify the candidates who are navigating away from the assessment window
Randomise the questions and options
Option to terminate the test session for violations reported
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