Campus Hiring

The traditional paper and pencil mode of conducting campus screening is thing of past. This mode not only involved resources and time in distributing the question paper/answer sheet, collecting the answer sheet, evaluating the answer sheets and correctly recording the evaluation scores but also had limited scope to check the cheating as well manual error in evaluation.

iHiring platform offers a simple and secure way to conduct campus assessments in just few steps.

iHiring platform is completely secure mechanism to conduct un-proctored assessments with few clicks-

Step 1

Create & Configure Assessments

Step 2

Share test link and test code with candidates

Step 3

Get Assessment Scores/Reports

Step 4

Hire suitable

To secure the test

Restrict the access to campus premises/lab by using ‘IP blocking’ feature
Use ‘Browser tracking’ feature to identify the candidates who are navigating away from the assessment window
Randomise the questions and options
Reset/Resume test in case of power failure or connectivity loss
Option to terminate the test session for violations reported
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